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Friday (Craft Market)

That Friday Feeling Start the weekend off with a mooch around the myriad craft and general stalls at Devizes’ Friday market! Stalls & street food vary throughout the year, with pop-ups and festival treats and weekend Summer treats.   Fridays…

Big Thursday Market

Olives in bowls

Knick-Knack to Flapjack ~ Devizes Thursdays are full of fresh local produce ~ indoors & out!

Feasts for Hungry Hunters ◊ Awesome Artisans ◊ Ephemera ◊ Homemade Tastiness ◊ Many Types of Crafty Skills ◊ Daily Wares & Exciting Exotica side-by-side ◊ Browse with a Buddy ◊  Cheek-by-Jowl ~ Then meets Now in amazing & historic Devizes town!

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