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Pens ◊ Jewellery Boxes ◊ Cufflinks ◊ Signs ◊ Salt & Pepper Grinders and more…

Over the last seven years I have been making the greatest range of handmade wood pens and signs, all handmade in a workshop in Wiltshire.

I enjoy a challenge and will have a go at almost anything, but by far my most popular items are Pens, Fountain pens, Rollerball pens, Biros and Propelling Pencils.

My other other passion is hand carved house signs. These signs are beautifully finished, each is an individual unique piece of carving that can only enhance the look of your house. I mostly carve my signs out of English Oak but I do take commissions in mahogany and lime-wood. Indoor signs get four coats of danish oil, whilst outdoor signs have an easily maintained durable oil and varnish finish so are best able to withstand the rigours of the weather.

High Quality Turned Wooden Items from St. Paul’s Cathedral

We are excited to bring you turned items made from oak wood sourced from the small bells from St Paul’s Cathedral. For years, St. Paul’s Cathedral has been an iconic part of the London skyline. In 2018, the small bells were brought down for refurbishment and returned to the original foundry that made then 140 years ago.

To finance this expensive operation, the various London Guilds were asked to help. The Register of Professional Wood Turners, which are allied to the Worshipful Company of Turners, were given the wooden surrounds to the bells from which to make miniature bells to sell in the St. Pauls Gift Shop. Twenty turners were selected countrywide to do this work. Our reward was to keep the offcuts of this valuable heritage timber.

For my part, I have made some lovely pens in solid wood and in wood encased in Resin. Both look beautiful.

Registered with the Register of Professional Turners.

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